Intelligence, Machine
Learning, Deep
Learning, Neural
Networks, Convolutional

Networks, Quantum

DNA-sequencing, early
disease detection

Satellite image
classification, Object recognition
recognition and counting, Face
and counting, Face
recognition, GPU, FPGA, Data
Labeling, Data Science, NVIDIA
CUDA programing, Data
Mining, Big Data

Autonomous flying
drones, Predictive maintenance
(trucks, heavy
equipment, airplanes, helicopters,


The problem is how to explain AI and demonstrate ROI to a multitude of industries.


Everyone is using A/B testing but we know for a fact that there are 1,000s variations of landing pages needed to get significant improvement in CTR. This is called multivariate and personalization.

It takes CMOs of E-commerce companies 2 months and $50k of ad spend to optimize a new campaign.
Our solution for DIGITAL MARKETING will auto-generate and launch 1,000s landing pages with various designs in a matter of minutes saving time and money dramatically.


SAGEGPUCLOUD partners with the best cutting-edge software and hardware providers to offer a plethora of tools for our data scientists to train DEEP LEARNING models for:

HealthCare image classification

Digital Marketing

Credit scoring

Aicraft predictive maintenance

Microscopic test analysis,

Automatic data labeling

Success of any AI project lies in 3 things:
1.Talent (CHECK)
2.Infrastructure (CHECK)
3.Software (CHECK)


SAGEGPUCLOUD’S great story

Sage GPU Cloud (Sage)provides end-to-end user-friendly solutions for artificial intelligence and deep learning to help scientists and businesses solve important global problems.
These include end-to-end solutions for biotechnology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, 3D video rendering in GPU-accelerated computing cloud.

The software is used by over 130,000 organizations worldwide to manage some of the world’s most complex IT environments including some of the largest Telecommunications Carriers, Managed Service Providers and Banks.

  • Computing power doubles every year (Moore's law).
  • AI represents a projected $89 Billion industry by 2025.
  • SageGPUCLOUD provides the fastest computing power.
  • SageGPUCLOUD is like an AMAZON Marketplace for Data Scientists.

Artificial Intelligence is the next big tool in computing. Sage has the best platform for use by scientists and businesses to most easily use and leverage AI Technology.


The company has seen a tremendous increase in demand.

We have a very large pipeline already and Establishing Honeypotz Switzerland to gain more traction.

We have a few investor commitments to provide upto $5,000,000 + at later rounds..

Our larger projects are priced at $175,000 +

A few developments worth mentioning:

Have partnered with 2 large Data Science Teams to provide creation and support of AI products.

  • One team has 35 of data scientists
  • Second team has 120 data scientists

Working on adding 65+ Chinese data scientists to Honeypotz (China leads AI). One company there uses Facial recognition to spot criminals on 118 million cameras in the country. It took in $600 million in AI investments and is now worth $4.5 billion.


A Growing Market

The statistic shows the size of the artificial intelligence market worldwide, from 2016 to 2025.


In 2018, the global AI market is expected to be worth approximately 7.35 billion U.S. dollars.


Some current major uses of artificial intelligence include image recognition, object identification, detection, and classification, as well as automated geophysical feature detection.


The largest proportion of revenues come from the AI for enterprise applications market. – Statistica.


The Artificial Intelligence market is expected
to grow to $189 Billion by 2025.


Chat robots for customer service online

Automated answering phone systems

Matchmaking (E-Harmony online dating etc.)

Facial recognition

Object presence recognition (one example is to count moving ships

Driver-less cars

Autonomous trains, ships, planes

Sports analytics

Climate changes predictive modeling

Shopping suggestions (online shopping)

Movie suggestions (Netflix etc.)

Mechanical parts failure predictions before it happens (elevators, fleet of trucks, commercial planes)

Healthcare (cancer detection>based on x-rays, heart disease detection>based on heart performance observations)

There is a long list of SAGE Target Industries, here are a few of them..


The model is to charge by the individual project + recurring revenue for ongoing model updates

The charge per project is ~ $225,000+$5,000+monthly

We have a go-to-market strategy in DIGITAL MARKETING for E-COMMERCE via our partnership with a well-established Marketer in D.A.CH. region

Honeypotz is currently working on Digital Marketing solution



Competitors Provide Mega GPU’s and/or Cloud Applications but they are not easily ACCESSIBLE


Our advantage is the secret recipe which is a combination of Mega Computing, Cloud Availability and User-Friendly Accessibility.

Customized SAGE brings all elements of the formula together to provide a usable service that leverages existing AI technology in the Cloud.


Artificial Intelligence is going to fuel progress in every aspect of our lives and SAGEGPU is on the cutting edge of AI as a service industry

Our advantage is the secret recipe which is a combination of Mega Computing, Cloud Availability and User-Friendly Accessibility


SAGE will use a direct sales approach and competitive bidding to market the platform and all of its services.

Professional Sales
Marketing Team

Professional Sales

Federal Bid Team


Vlad Lialine

CEO /Founder
Founder of Twixsoft, Honeypotz
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain,
Consulting / Software Development, Data-Science,
Hyperledger, Stellar, DLT, Dapps, and GPU-accelerated Cloud.

We’ve established a multi-disciplinary team with over 150 years of combined experience running successful technology companies.

Recently, we have been accepted into the NVIDIA Inception Program and IBM Accelerator/Incubator Program.

One of our current projects includes participation in the Lockheed Martin sponsored contest for an AI-driven drone race “Alphapilot.”