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    Honeypotz, Inc.

    Organized in the State of Delaware on July 18th 2016

    Registered Agent Address:

    8 The Green, Ste R

    Dover, DE 19901



    Meet next generation cybersecurity

    The first Cybersecurity solution that rewards users for securing their data.

    Stellar blockchain is at the core of our solution.

    Ethereum is a public blockchain , where all entries are time-stamped and cant be erased or edited( immutability). The entries become a time-stamped proof. The power of E-Hornet is in taking clean fingerprint digests of a digital asset, converts it into an encrypted hash values using SHA-2 algorithm, then anchors them to Ethereum blockchain as a proof of clean state.
    Trailbot core technology enables E-Hornet to verify the intended configuration and performance of applications and digital assets.
    For the first time, E-Hornet enables any network to be attributed. In a attributed network, one can guarantee the true state of any component within that network, meaning any unauthorized change in the state represents an attack, whether internal or external, and can be detected with 100% accuracy.
    It’s the difference between searching for needles in a haystack and having real-time certainty of the position and properties of every straw of hay.



    E-HORNET adds a new real-time capability for security professionals by focusing on the integrity of the assets that make up a network -- the configuration of every switch and router, firmware, event logs, binaries etc. can be verified independently and in real time.
    With this real-time awareness regarding the integrity state of important digital asset components, organizations seeking to protect the integrity of their network can make real-time decisions in the event that the network and/or asset is compromised and quickly identify the cause and specific component(s) responsible for the loss of integrity.
    E-HORNET directly supports enhanced continuity of operations, data loss prevention (due to theft or maliciousness), and is a new form of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) detection when malware infects a crucial network or system component.
    E-HORNET allows for forensic auditability, which is the ability to conduct an audit that produces forensically sound and legally admissible evidence.
    For digital networks, this means that any action can be documented so that there is a preponderance of evidence of who took it and when it was taken. The evidence is legally acceptable, and can be verified independently by a court or other third party.
    Our platform is built  core technogy powered by Stellar blockchain.
    The Honeypotz and Cybercoinium teams have worked with software engineers and world class cybersecurity experts to create a system that would meet the needs of different enterprises, government agencies, military units, and critical industrial infrastructures that rely heavily on performance of their digital assets.

    “Firewalls scanning traffic that enters the network, signature-based malware detection schemes, sandboxing or multi-vector virtual execution to run code inside a protected environment. Yet, despite of all the efforts, and hundreds of billions of dollars invested in cyber security, large scale cyber breaches continue to be everyday news. We have an innovative solution in a massive market.

    3 Key Points:
    1. Free  real-time malicious activity detection

    2.Auditability and accountability with public blockchain records
    2. Experienced team of blockchain developers
    3. Game changing solution in a massive market

    While most current competitors look for vulnerabilities, E-Hornet is proactive and looks for actual malicious activities in real time.